Labrinth's album is no masterpiece

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  • 5 March 2012


Labrinth isn't entirely happy with his debut album 'Electronic Earth' but says it is a good start

Labrinth isn't completely happy with his debut album.

The 'Let the Sun Shine' hitmaker sees the record, 'Electronic Earth' - which is scheduled for release on March 12 - as the first steps toward a long career but because he is a perfectionist, he thinks it could have been better.

He told FHM Collections: "I think it's the beginning of the steps towards where I want to be as an artist and as a producer. I wouldn't say it's the masterpiece that I have in my head, because like they say, life is a constant search for improvement. I'm never going to be happy, I'm a perfectionist. When I get a little older, I'm going to be like, 'Mum, please don't show anybody these records.' "

Labrinth took a year between releasing 'Let The Sun Shine' and follow-up single 'Earthquake' and is pleased his record label Syco continued to have faith in him

He added: "To have a label stick with an artist for a year between singles is insane. I didn't expect them to do it, but I wanted to make sure the next record I made was worth it.

"If you've got talent you know how to bring yourself back. I was in the studio for like four or five years and I didn't know anything about the business. Now I know even if things don't go quite so well for me this year, I can bring myself back up, because I know how to create a record, I know how to release a record, I know how to make a good video - those are the important things, the foundations. You've got to make sure you're solid."


Timothy McKenzie aka Labrinth is one of the few acts in recent years to have been signed by Simon Cowell without first appearing on a TV talent show.

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