Hollyoaks' Maddie and Callum wrong for each other

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  • 1 March 2012
Scarlett Bowman

Scarlett Bowman

'Hollyoaks' actress Scarlett Bowman believes her character Maddie Morrison and loner boyfriend Callum Kane are too different from each other to have a successful relationship

'Hollyoaks' Scarlett Bowman thinks her character Maddie Morrison and boyfriend Callum Kane are completely wrong for each other.

The bubbly blonde beauty is dating mysterious, loner Callum (played by Laurie Duncan) and although Scarlett initially thought the pair would be a good match, she now has her reservations because they are so different.

She told Digital Spy: "Initially I thought they were a good match, because they're so different and opposites attract. But they could actually be too different. Also, Maddie just brings problem after problem, because she's got so many issues and that just complicates things even more. At the end of the day, Callum is quite a young boy and he just doesn't understand what's wrong with her."

The couple's friend George Smith (Steven Roberts) is also causing problems for the pair after he and Callum kept George's homelessness a secret from Maddie.

Scarlett explained: "Maddie is very upset, but she's also a little bit angry that she wasn't told about it sooner. She starts to question why she was kept in the dark, especially as Callum was so involved in the whole situation.

"It's really hard for Maddie that the two people she's closest to had this big secret. But then she starts to understand a bit more and you'll see her try to help. It's a really tough time for the whole sixth form group, though."

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