Karl Munro's affair with Sunita is a "distraction"

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  • 1 March 2012
John Michie

John Michie

Coronation Street's Karl Munro's affair with Sunita Alahan is just a "distraction" from his troubled relationship with Stella Price

Coronation Street's Karl Munro's affair with Sunita Alahan will be a "distraction" from his own troubled relationship.

The pub landlord is set for a steamy fling with the married barmaid - played by Shobna Gulati - right under the nose of his long-term partner Stella Price (Michelle Collins) but John Michie, who plays Karl, believes his character isn't serious about her.

He said: "Karl is very good at lying so lying to Stella isn't a problem. As for Dev, he probably hasn't even bothered to ask Sunita where she's going.

"I think Sunita is just a distraction for Karl right now. He really likes her company, as she's not quite as strident as Stella is with Karl. He thinks like a typical bloke and is happy with the fact that Sunita is not nagging him like Stella is at the moment.

"It's a bit early to say if it will get more serious between them."

John isn't shocked that "risk taker" Karl would cheat on Stella but does admit he would feel sorry for Karl if the fiery landlady does find out.

He added in an interview with Inside Soap magazine: "Karl is a risk taker full stop. He's not a serious kind of guy. He fancies Sunita - he thinks she's a good looking woman. She's also not as fiery as Stella, and he finds that very attractive as well.

"I think Stella would chuck Karl out on his ear. She's such a strong woman and won't be messed about by him. Karl is going to do everything he can to stop her finding out about Sunita."

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