Kate Moss fan of The One Show

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  • 29 February 2012
Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is a fan of 'The One Show', and was so impressed after seeing Dutch illusionist Hana Klok on the programme that she persuaded her friend Stella McCartney to hire him for her recent London Fashion Week party

Kate Moss is a fan of 'The One Show'.

The 38-year-old supermodel urged her close pal, fashion designer Stella McCartney, to hire Dutch illusionist Hans Klok after spotting him on the BBC One evening programme - fronted by Alex Jones and Matt Baker - and is now so impressed with the hypnotist's skills that she wants to be his "agent".

Hans explained: "Kate told me she saw me on 'The One Show' the other week and called her friend Stella McCartney to say that she wanted me to be the magic attraction for her show.

"Originally, Kate was keen to perform herself with my dangerous sword illusion but because of her arm injury she physically could not participate. Luckily, Alexa Chung was able to step in. I had to hypnotise her first before she could balance the sword in between her shoulder blades.

"Kate was very impressed and even joked that she wanted to become my agent!"

Aside from being a fan of 'The One Show', Kate has previously admitted her favourite things to do at the weekend are going to the pub with her husband Jamie Hince and "watching crap telly".

She said: "I love to go to the pub and watch c**p telly. That's what we do on a Saturday. Any trash TV. I love trash."

Hans Klok's 'The Houdini Experience' will run at London's Peacock Theatre until Sunday March 25. Call 0844 412 4322 or go to www.sadlerswells.com/show/Hans-Klok-The-Houdini-Experience for tickets.

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