Noel Gallagher: I'd judge The X Factor for 1m

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  • 28 February 2012
Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher would be an 'X Factor' judge for £1 million, despite turning down a place on the panel of the ITV1 show last year

Noel Gallagher would be an 'X Factor' judge for £1 million.

The 'Dream On' rocker turned down a place on the panel of the ITV1 talent show last year, but admits he would change his mind if series chief Simon Cowell made him a particularly lucrative financial offer.

He said: "It's about six months work, innit? I reckon it would have to be a million pounds after tax. Not per episode, I'm not greedy.

"A million pounds after tax. If he puts a million pounds in my bank, I'm in."

However, despite his comments, Noel hopes Simon won't take him up on the offer.

He added in an interview with Radio Times magazine: "I say that tongue-in-cheek. I hope he doesn't put a million pounds in my bank account because I don't really want to do it. But a million pounds for six months work? That's good money if you can get it, isn't it? Even I don't earn that much."

While he isn't keen on a job on 'The X Factor', Noel would love to work on a radio show with British comic Russell Brand, who infamously departed his BBC Radio 2 show over a scandal in which he made lewd comments in a series of voicemail messages to veteran actor Andrew Sachs.

He added: "Russell is a very dear friend of mine. Hopefully one day he'll move back to England and we can resurrect the radio show. Obviously it won't be on the BBC because he's banned.

"I thought it was a brilliant, brilliant radio show and enjoyed it immensely."

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