Sepalcure - Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Mon 12 Feb (4 stars)

Sepalcure - Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Mon 12 Feb

There’s a sparse few loitering outside Sneaky’s closed doors come ten o’clock this Sunday evening, wondering whether they’ve got it right. But they have, and before long the thickening crowd are being lulled into hazy motion with zoned out electronica and warm, nostalgic visuals from DFRNT’s Cut Records showcase. And by the time the Brooklyn-based duo of Travis Stewart (aka Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (aka Braille) emerge on stage, the crowd are beginning to move like they don’t have Monday morning to think about.

What duly follows is an audio-visual drenching. Sepalcure, touring after their debut full-length for label Hotflush, build their set from emotionally wrought beginnings, as ‘See Me Feel Me’ lets The Who’s skewed lyrics weave hauntingly through synthy piano twirls, while the agile percussive momentum of ‘Pencil Pimp’ fires out quick-time juke stabs. Finally, we’re plunged into the beat-less stretched-out-for-miles sound-scape of ‘Outside’. Projected on screen are mysterious, surreal and slightly baffling clips of tennis courts from director Thor Erling Brenne cut up with beautifully intricate, anatomical visuals by artist Sougwen Chung.

All the while Sepalcure maintain a blissed-out headiness with muted coloured synth drives and soulful vocals swirling about melodically, but manage to kick it all up a gear with complex rhythms and beat patterns and a wealth of genre spanning textures.

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Sepalcure - See Me Feel Me

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