Psyche and Wounded Knee share Single of the Month title

Psyche and Wounded Knee share Single of the Month title

Also featuring Martin Creed, Ladyhawke and Estelle

What this world needs is more high-concept ephemera created by actual, proper artists like Martin Creed, who create minute-long folk ditties like ‘Where You Go’ (Telephone) ●●● amidst light switch-flicking their way to the Turner Prize and Scotsman Step-renovating. If we can have more of this and less dog-eared funk workouts from the decidedly superannuated Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Look Around’ (Warner Brothers) ● that would be just brilliant. It’s not going to happen, is it? Sigh.

Further disappointment ensues when a couple of artists we actually used to like make their long-awaited return to our cochleas with stone-cold duffers. Or at least a very uninspiring effort in the case of Ladyhawke’s ‘Black, White & Blue’ (Modular/Island) ●● The line ‘This is real life / You can’t fight it’ is possibly a reference to the fact she always planned to come back with an unheard Sugababes B-side destined for the changing room playlist in TopShop. The majestic ‘American Boy’ from Estelle seems a distant, faded memory after hearing ‘Thank You’ (Atlantic) ● featuring the kind of sugar-lump balladry which Beyoncé at least has the voice to hammer us with.

There’s precious little real respite to be found in the Byrdsian twang of Real Estate’s ‘Easy’ (Domino) ●●● although the ever-effervescent Viva Stereo’s ‘Wanderlust’ EP (viva) ●●● offers a ray of chiming indie-pop hope. Only two serious contenders for Single of the Month present themselves, though, so they’re both getting it. Step forward Psyche, with ‘All Things Must Pass into the Night’ EP (Optimo Music) ●●●● a gorgeous slice of retro synth-pop from Canada, and Wounded Knee’s ‘Splashback Blues’ (download only) ●●●● a delightfully twee protest song in support of the campaign to keep Leith Waterworld open. After all, what words spell insurrection on the streets of Edinburgh more than ‘Oh, dear me’?

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Look Around [Official Music Video]

Ladyhawke - Black White & Blue

Estelle - Thank You [Official Video]

Real Estate - Easy

Viva Stereo - New Life

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