Summer Camp set for UK tour

Summer Camp set for UK tour

Bitter-hearted take girl groups of 50s and 60s

Summer Camp: a duo so in tune with one another they respond to The List’s email questions as one entity. ‘How did you get together’, we ask them. ‘We’d known each other for ages,’ Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey tell us in stereo. Then Elizabeth made Jeremy a mixtape that had ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ by The Flamingos on it. ‘We thought it would be fun to record a cover version, never thinking it would lead to us being a real band. Things just went from there.’

It’s still going, and so successfully that Warmsley’s own solo career (which produced two albums on Transgressive Records) has been on hiatus since 2009. Together with Sankey, also a voiceover artist and magazine writer, last year’s debut album Welcome to Condale created a sweet-sounding but sometimes bitter-hearted fantasy world based around the bubblegum pop and girl group styles of 1950s and ‘60s smalltown America.

‘Condale is a small town to the east of Los Angeles,’ says Warmsley/Sankey of the album’s non-existent location, ‘just your usual suburban pocket of small-town tensions and dreams. We love the idea of America we got from films and TV shows growing up, this impossible place that’s as much a fantasy as Oz or Narnia. It’s nothing like the real America.’ The English duo will be visiting it again with a new record this year; in the meantime let’s see them be perfectly old-fashioned and ‘put on a good show that leaves people feeling like they’ve enjoyed themselves.’

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Sat 17 Mar

Summer Camp - Better Off Without You

Summer Camp and Fixers

Dream pop duo featuring singer/songwriter Jeremy Warmsley and vocalist Elizabeth Sankey.

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