Kindness - World, You Need A Change Of Mind (4 stars)

Kindness - World, You Need A Change Of Mind

Superb spellbinding pop which pulls of a mulititude of hipsterism sins

(Female Energy/Polydor)

You could be forgiven for thinking Kindness is little more than hipster ‘lolz’. Tracks have trickled out sporadically accompanied by cryptic soundbites and moody black and white shots of a recording studio in Paris and New York City. And then there’s the boy behind them: former Peterborough-born photography student Adam Bainbridge turned globe-trotting creative (recent bases include Paris, Berlin and Philadelphia) whose impeccable looks and style would give Alexa Chung a bad case of the green-eyed monsters.

He’s even got the guts/is ridiculous enough to cover both Anita Dobson and The Replacements on this debut offering, but Bainbridge pulls it off, because ultimately Kindness is just superb spellbinding pop. And when you can seamlessly combine ethereal Ariel Pink-isms, with style tips from Grace Jones, funk, jazz, soul and beats nicked off that Balearic lot, you’re onto something.

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