Randolph’s Leap - The Curse of the Haunted Headphones (4 stars)

Randolph’s Leap - The Curse of the Haunted Headphones

Homespun album showcases stripped-back charms of Glasgow indie-folk rabble

(Peenko Records)

Do not be misled by this bedroom recording, or its cassette-hissing, lo-fi aesthetic. While Glasgow indie-folk rabble Randolph’s Leap are known and loved for their elaborate arrangements and philharmonic live shows, this homespun tape (and download) is the ideal format to showcase the stripped-back charms of the band’s distinctive singer-songwriter, Adam Ross.

The album’s funny, poignant acoustic arias include the wistful skewed-folk of ‘Sunday Morning’, the choral love-sick shanty, ‘Deep Blue Sea’ and the existential kitchen-sink serenade, ‘Falling in Love’. Occasionally Ross and co recall fellow literate Scottish indie-poppers Belle & Sebastian (‘The Nonsense in My Soul’) and Ballboy (‘I Can't Dance to This Music Any More’), but otherwise Randolph's Leap are in an endearing, harmonious league of their own.

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