Geordie Shore's Sophie 'heartbroken'

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  • 28 February 2012
Sophie Kasaei

Sophie Kasaei

Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei is left "heartbroken" in tonight's (28.02.12) episode when her boyfriend Joel travels to Newcastle to see her and then ignores her in favour of a night with the boys

Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei is left "heartbroken" in tonight's (28.02.12) episode.

The 22-year-old reality star is "devastated" when her boyfriend Joel travels to Newcastle to visit her for an evening, but spends the entire time enjoying a boys' night out and totally ignores her.

Sophie says: "I've got my boyfriend here but he's not paying us any attention. I'm down, I'm miserable, I'm upset. I'm devastated, I'm heartbroken. I fell for this boy who I've spent a lot time with outside of 'Geordie Shore', and he's came into this house as a different person.

"All I want to do is run back up to him and cuddle him and say, 'Just say you're sorry and everything will be all right; we'll get back to normal'. But then I think, 'Nah, I'm not going to'. No one deserves me if they're going to go on like that. No way. I don't want to be that girl."

Joel doesn't seem to go down too well with the rest of the 'Geordie Shore' girls either, with Vicky Pattison slamming him as a "w****r" and claiming he is taking her pal for a "f***ing mug".

She fumes: "Joel, you might be in all reet nick mate and you might have fake tanned yourself to the f***ing hilt but this is never acceptable. W****r.

"Sophie's not stupid, she's not blind, she's a clever girl and at the moment he's taking her for a f***ing mug."

Meanwhile, the boys urge him to be truthful with Sophie to spare her feelings.

Jay explains: "Joel just tell her the f***ing truth, just tell her the crack. If you're not arsed."

James adds: "Sophie's like me sister, I don't really want someone to mess her around."

'Geordie Shore' is on MTV tonight (28.02.12) at 10pm.

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