Errol White Company presents new group work IAM

The Man Who Lived Twice production from Birds of Paradise

New emotional work based on loss set for Tramway

There are moments in our lives that hit us more than others. Events that alter the shape of who we are. It was one such moment that led choreographer Errol White onto a creative path that produced first a solo, and now a new group work, IAM.

‘The solo three years ago was based on the loss of somebody,’ explains White. ‘It was the kind of event that changes everything. In one moment, everything is different. But IAM isn’t so much the narrative of that event, it’s about the way it can change the direction of your life dramatically.’

To bring the work to life, White brought together a group of six dancers, who between them have worked with the likes of Scottish Ballet, Richard Alston, Darshan Singh Bhuller and the BalletBoyz. He then began to find an abstract way to depict such monumental events, and the impact they have on us, from the perspective of past, present and future.

‘I was interested in the idea of momentum and falling through space,’ says White. ‘Because when specific moments with such gravity have happened to me, there’s almost a loss of control, physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s not a heavy work, but there is a strong emotional quality to it. And for me, what’s important is that the audience finds their own path through it, and can reflect on their own life through the work.’

Tramway, Glasgow, Fri 2 & Sat 3 Mar, then touring

Errol White Company: iam

The accomplished dancer/choreographer presents a new show, iam, in which a group of dancers weave in and out of the fabric of their own personal histories.

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