Plume is JC Marshall’s Lockerbie-inspired play starring Sylvester McCoy

Plume is JC Marshall’s Lockerbie-inspired play starring Sylvester McCoy

Tron Open Stage-shortlisted play gets full production

In 2010, JC Marshall’s Plume was shortlisted in the Tron’s Open Stage playwriting competition. Now it’s staging a full production of the play. Doctor Who’s Sylvester McCoy plays Mr Peters, a charismatic teacher whose son dies in a terrorist attack on an aeroplane.

‘When the Lockerbie bomber was released,’ Marshall says, ‘a heated debate ensued about what mercy means and who is entitled to it. Scotland was referred to as a nation of merciful people. Since Scotland appears to be in the process of defining, redefining and remembering what kind of country it is, that certainly made me prick up my ears. Having said that, Plume isn’t a political play and it isn’t about Lockerbie. Quite frankly, I don’t have enough facts to write that particular play. Who does?’

Finn Den Hertog and Gemma McElhinney star alongside McCoy, and Plume’s serious subject is balanced against Marshall’s characteristic quirkiness. ‘I always get some raised eyebrows about my stage directions,’ she says. ‘In Plume, one reads “she mimes hitting a chicken with a spatula.” See? It really isn’t a political play.’

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 1–Sat 17 Mar


The story of a man's grief and anger when his son is killed in a terrorist attack, written by JC Marshall and performed by the Tron Theatre Company.

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