La Sera - Sees the Light (3 stars)

La Sera - Sees the Light

A zippier, sharper surf-pop punch on second album from Vivian Girls’ bassist

(Hardly Art)

This second album from La Sera, alias Vivian Girls’ bassist and harmonist ‘Kickball’ Katy Goodman, pulls a zippier, sharper surf-pop punch than its dreamy, self-titled predecessor, but it still has heartache, stirring guitars and sun-soaked melodies at its core.

Its punk-pop spirit and vivid dynamic will not disappoint fans of the early Vivian Girls LPs, while one of Sees the Light’s stand-out tracks, ‘Please Be My Third Eye’, sounds like a lost Blondie classic from the 80s. Elsewhere, there’s girl-group grunge on ‘I Can’t Keep You on My Mind’, indie-pop reverie on ‘Break My Heart’, lullaby, calypso-rock on ‘Real Boy’ and lambent riffage on ‘I’m Alone’. ‘Do you remember when you broke my heart?’ She sings. Sadness rarely sounded so bright.

La Sera - Please Be My Third Eye

La Sera - Real Boy / Drive On

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