Every Time I Die - Ex Lives (4 stars)

Every Time I Die - Ex Lives

Intense and hugely rewarding album of post-hardcore brilliance


Every Time I Die just … don’t make bad records. Their last effort – the gregarious New Junk Aesthetic – was a blitzkrieg bombast of post-hardcore brilliance, and Ex Lives marks the next step in their evolutionary cycle. Opener ‘Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space’ lays the gauntlet for the rest of the ten tracks nicely, lording it with plunging breakdowns and open string battery, and whereas this band may have previously chosen to hold off the brakes, hurtling dangerously, there are some uncharacteristic time-outs here, such as the banjo intro to ‘Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow’, amid all the gloriously chunky riffola and sharp lyrics, penned by singer Keith Buckley, a former English teacher. This is an intense, and hugely rewarding, bag of tricks.

Every Time I Die - "Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space"

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