Heidi Range blasts 'unfair' Katarina Witt

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  • 21 February 2012
Heidi Range

Heidi Range

Heidi Range has blasted 'Dancing On Ice' judge Katarina Witt as "unfair" for constantly criticising her lifts on the ITV1 celebrity skating show

Heidi Range has blasted 'Dancing On Ice' judge Katarina Witt as "unfair".

The Sugababes singer - who was voted off the ITV1 show on Sunday (19.02.12) - thinks the German skating champion singled her out and unnecessarily criticised her lifts, which she found "really tough".

Heidi explained: "It was unfair because it was never said to any of the other girls, 'Oh he puts you in your lifts'. With the other girls it was always acknowledged what they'd done to hold themselves and get into that lift.

"But with mine she seemed to dismiss how much effort I put into them. You have to go for it and hold yourself in there and it is terrifying. It was never said to any of the other girls. I took it personally because it was a point she made every week.

"They are really tough the lifts, they are something the audience are waiting for, that is part of the show. Your skating is important but for the audience at home, they want to see the big lifts."

The 28-year-old beauty - who was partnered alongside Andrei Lipanov in the celebrity skating competition - admitted she put in hours of training to succeed in the show, but felt Katarina wasn't in a position to judge her lifts because she had always been a solo skater.

Heidi added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: "Andrei and I would go and practise for an hour each day off the ice - lifts, so I was getting used to the feelings so we could put those big elements into the routine.

"So I worked really hard on them and then it wasn't, it was just like, 'Oh he put you there'. I don't think she's done lifts, she's an amazing, incredible skater but it did get to me a little bit."

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