Natalie Cassidy reunites with ex

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  • 19 February 2012
Natalie Cassidy and Adam Cottrell

Natalie Cassidy and Adam Cottrell

Natalie Cassidy has reunited with her former fiance Adam Cottrell, who was convicted of assaulting her last year

Natalie Cassidy has reunited with her violent ex-fiance.

The former 'EastEnders' actress insists she has forgiven Adam Cottrell - who she split from last May and was later convicted of assaulting her on two occasions - for his past actions and vowed to stand by him as he fights alcoholism.

Natalie - who has 17-month-old daughter Eliza with Adam - said: "I know many people will question my decision. Others will disagree with my choice.

"But I do forgive Adam. We are back together and I strongly believe we can make it work.

"I now realise everything that happened ­between Adam and myself was down to alcohol. Adam wanting a drink, Adam having a drink, Adam feeling guilty about having a drink.

"And he knows this too. But that is why he has sought help and is in recovery.

"I will never forget the things he did to me during that awful time but I do forgive him.

"He says he is deeply sorry and I believe he means it. When he doesn't drink he is totally different - and that is the person I am ­planning my future with."

Natalie first considered reuniting with Adam following a tearful phone call in December, but she did not reconcile with him until after her recent stint on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

She added in an interview with The People newspaper: "When he called me sobbing, I realised he was someone who needed help, someone on the brink of losing everything.

"I wanted to help him and when he said, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I love you. Nat, I'm ill. I need help,' I knew then that things could possibly work out for us - because for the first time ever he finally admitted needing help.

"We were just friends for about a month after that phone call. I really wanted to look after him and care for him, love him again, I suppose. But before I went into 'Big Brother' I still had a lot of barriers up.

"At the time I didn't want Adam in my life as a partner because I didn't want to be let down again.

"Once in the house I thought about Adam constantly. It helped me realise that while I am so grateful for everyone's support I need to do what I want to do and what is right for me and Eliza."

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