Stacey Solomon's birthing nerves

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  • 18 February 2012
Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon admits she is getting "nervous" about the birth of her second child

Stacey Solomon is "nervous" about giving birth for a second time.

The former 'X Factor' star - who underwent a 37-hour labour while delivering her first son Zach - admits she struggled to bond with her child and she is worried about the same happening again, but knows even if it does, everything is OK in the end.

The six-months-pregnant singer told The Daily Mirror: "I'm nervous this time round. I remember what it was like. Everyone says you forget, but not really.

"But the thing is, even if it does happen again, at least now I know that eventually it will be fine."

The 22-year-old star - who is expecting the baby with long-term partner Aaron Barham - believes many people "exaggerate" how easy it is to have a baby, and if her newborn is a daughter hopes to explain how things are not always so "straightforward".

She added: "People describe these things in such an exaggerated way, like everything's always perfect," she says.

"It's like as soon as you give birth you should have these overwhelming feelings like 'That's it, I'm so happy, my life is suddenly perfect'.

"I didn't have that. And if you don't, you feel terrible and wonder what's wrong with you. It's not nice. I hope that one day, please God if I have a daughter, I can tell her things aren't straightforward.

"That maybe those feelings won't come to her straightaway, but eventually they will. It might just take a bit longer."

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