Team Girl Comic #4 (3 stars)

Team Girl Comic #4

Ragtag Glasgow-based publication providing feminist balance in the world of comics

Team Girl Comic is a Glasgow collective of artists and illustrators breathing fresh feminist air into the underground comic scene. A lo-fi zine featuring a pic’n’mix of cartoons and drawings by women of all backgrounds and ages, TGC was set up as a counter attack on the often sexist portrayal of women in comics.

Their fourth issue is a collection of real-life and whimsical stories, featuring recurring characters and themes from previous issues alongside entirely new work. Founder Gill Hatcher’s character Jesty Pesty embodies their ethos with snippets of life as a female: she worries about getting served at the bar in King Tut’s for the first time and, in another strip, receives an awkward abridged sex education from her dad; but thankfully it steers clear from overly girlish clichés.

As well as ponderings on life and love, there’s Evy Craig’s stunning study of female sins and one girl’s experience of Hurricane Irene. The widely differing styles bundled together is, on occasion, disorienting, but there’s an undeniable charm to this ragtag publication that’s easily carving a unique place for itself as a means for forthright girl comic geeks to make their name in a predominantly male world.

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