Jennifer Ellison's DOI setback

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  • 17 February 2012
Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison feels she's back at "square one" with her 'Dancing On Ice' progress after she cut her head open with her own skate on last week's show

Jennifer Ellison feels she's back at "square one" with her 'Dancing On Ice' progress.

The former 'Brookside' actress cut her head on last week's show with her own skate after the daring 'Scorpion Kick' move went wrong, and she admits the experience has shattered her confidence.

Jennifer said: "I wasn't too bad afterwards considering the force that I hit myself with but I went into a little bit of shock and it's been the after effects of the shock that I've had to deal with.

"It's kind of set me back a little bit, because just before I skated I was like, I'm gonna lose all my fears and really go for it and I did and I felt like I was really improving. But then that happened and I feel like of gone back to square one. I'm terrified again."

Jennifer - who is partnered by professional skater Daniel Whiston - explained she's worried about leaving on this Sunday's (19.02.12) show because she hasn't had enough time to practice due to her brutal injury.

She told ITV1's 'Daybreak': "It's a big week, there's two people going and the standards are fantastic and there's no weak skaters now, so it's a really big week.

I've only had two hours on the ice this week, so we haven't started our routine yet so we're a little bit behind!"

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