Steve Jones holds no Cowell grudge

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  • 16 February 2012
Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Steve Jones would happily work with Simon Cowell again and isn't bitter about being fired from the US version of 'The X Factor'

Steve Jones would work "on the moon" with Simon Cowell.

The Welsh TV presenter was recently axed as host of the US version of 'The X Factor' but insists he holds no grudges towards his former boss.

He said: "I have no hard feelings whatsoever towards Simon. It's as tough business and anyone trying to get into it should always keep in mind that it can go tits up in a heartbeat.

"I'd work with Simon on the moon if given the chance."

Despite his disappointment, Steve - who has returned to the UK to front 'Let's Dance for Sport Relief' alongside The One Show's Alex Jones - insists he has no shortage of work offers at the moment.

He added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: "There is a lot coming in at the moment, from the States and here at home.

"I want to do something fun so I am not going to rush into anything.

"I will hopefully continue to work both in America and Britain, which was always the plan - hence being back for 'Let's Dance'."

Steve didn't fare too well with US TV critics during his time on 'The X Factor', being described as "utterly irrelevant" and "so far in the background, he might as well be on another network".

However, he has previously insisted his seemingly "rude" presenting manner was the fault of "screaming" producers on the show.

He said: " "I'm wearing an earpiece and there's about five people screaming, 'Shut Paula up. Shut her up now. Move on'. I'm going to have hearing damage in this ear by the end of series.

"I feel terrible because I feel on occasions I'm coming across as rude and abrupt and that's really not me. I cherish every word that comes out of Paula."

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