From the Margins – Adrian Searle, Alasdair Gray

From the Margins – Adrian Searle, Alasdair Gray

Writers pick the other artists they'd reclaim from the margins

Adrian Searle, co-editor of Gutter magazine and publisher at Freight Books

Which artist, writer, musician, filmmaker would you reclaim from the 'margins'?

Walker Hamilton is a writer I'd reclaim. Originally from Airdrie, he died at the tragically young age of 34, six months after his acclaimed debut novel All Little Animals was published. This year Freight Books is republishing this modern classic, about running away, road-kill and regret. It's known in England but completely forgotten in the author's homeland.

Alasdair Gray, author, playwright, artist, 'a fat, spectacled, balding, increasingly old Glasgow pedestrian'

Which artist, writer, musician, filmmaker would you reclaim from the 'margins'?

Agnes Owens, as she is most unfairly neglected of all living Scottish authors. Her first novel, Gentlemen of the West, was returned by a publisher who said that he might consider printing it if a famous Scottish comedian said something about it which could be used as an advertisement. She posted the typescript to the comedian who put it on that pile of unsolicited correspondence which no famous person has time to answer. Industry in the Vale of Leven started closing even faster than in the rest of Britain. Agnes did what our dynamic prime minister would do if the Thatcher family had to go on the dole: she hunted for part-time cleaning jobs. She worked for a while in the house of the comedian who had received her typescript a few years before. She got it back.

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A Night in the Gutter

Spoken word and performance from contributors to Gutter magazine, known for its energetic style and no-holds-barred approach to content.

A Night in the Gutter: Scottish Independence, Irish Consequences

Hip literary mag Gutter teams up with Irish literary magazine Irish Pages to host a discussion between three Scottish and three Irish writers about the possibility of Scottish independence and its potential effect on Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Booking is essential.

Alasdair Gray's Fleck

After a sell-yer-granny-for-a-ticket debut at Edinburgh International Book Festival last year, Alasdair Gray's modern adaptation of Faust gets another outing courtesy of Margins Book and Music Festival, with an equally starry cast including Alan Bissett, Allan Wilson, Zoe Strachan, Louise Welsh, Chiew Siah-Tei, Rodge…

Margins Book and Music Festival

A hip young festival of music and books.

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