Frankie Essex: I'm a mother figure to Joey

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  • 15 February 2012
Frankie Essex

Frankie Essex

Frankie Essex has been a "mother figure" to her brother Joey since the siblings tragically lost their mum as teenagers

Frankie Essex is a "mother figure" to her brother Joey.

The 24-year-old reality star - who appears alongside the hunk in 'The Only Way Is Essex' - explained she has been the one to guide Joey since the siblings lost their mother when she tragically committed suicide when they were teenagers.

She said: "I lost my mum when I was 13 and I'm not the only one. Since I talked about it on the show, I've had so many Tweets, from full-grown women to kids who have lost their mum.

"People don't realise Joey and I lost our mum. It was hard but I thought I had to talk about it, and the result was amazing.

"I'm so protective over Joey - I'm his mother figure. He passed his driving test before I did because I pushed him."

While Frankie admits her brother is "not the smartest of people", she is pleased he has been able to buy his own flat after shooting to fame on 'TOWIE'.

She added in an interview with the Daily Star newspaper: "He's just innocent. He went back a year in school - he's not the smartest of people. But he is clever with his money and has just bought a flat. He knows what he wants in life and not a lot of people do.

"We've been brought up well, we're not flash and we appreciate everything that we've been given."

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