Amy Childs promises new reality shows

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  • 14 February 2012
Amy Childs

Amy Childs

Amy Childs has "two new TV shows" in the pipeline, despite her reality series 'It's All About Amy' coming to an end after just eight episodes

Amy Childs has "two new TV shows" in the pipeline.

The 21-year-old reality star insists her Channel 5 show 'It's All About Amy' was only ever going to be an eight-part series, and she has no plans to return to 'The Only Way Is Essex' - which initially propelled her into the limelight - because she has so much television work already confirmed for the coming months.

She said: "Lots of fans have been asking me to go back [to 'TOWIE'] because they miss me, which is sweet, but unfortunately there is no going back.

"My show wasn't axed - it was always only going to be an eight-part series! The truth is, I have some big things coming up, including two new TV shows, which have been confirmed, but I can't talk about them now. As soon as I can, I'll let you all know - and hopefully that will put an end to the rumours."

Elsewhere, the redhead beauty slammed recent reports that 'TOWIE' bosses are demanding 15 per cent of all future earnings from the current stars of the ITV2 reality show as "really unfair".

Writing in her column for new! magazine, Amy added: "I read that the producers of 'TOWIE' are asking the cast for 15 per cent of their earnings. I think it's really unfair.

"The cast make their money from endorsements and personal appearances at clubs, so it seems mean that they might have to give some of those earnings to the producers - especially as they already work long hours filming."

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