Spencer Matthews to quit Made In Chelsea?

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  • 13 February 2012
Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews thinks he will quit 'Made In Chelsea' at the end of the upcoming third series so the show doesn't come too "monotonous"

Spencer Matthews will quit 'Made In Chelsea' at the end of the upcoming third series.

The reality TV hunk - whose romance with co-star Caggie Dunlop was one of the central storylines of the first two seasons of the E4 show - admitted he doesn't want the programme to become too "monotonous" so he plans to bow out later this year to pursue a career in another part of the media.

He said: "I would've thought this would be my last series. These shows can become a little monotonous. I love making it, but it would be good for us to explore other parts of the media.

"We don't want to end up just being reality TV stars, but use the show as a stepping stone to other things."

Meanwhile, Caggie explained she is struggling to come to terms with fans' interest in her relationship with Spencer, as people are pinning all their hopes on them working out as a couple after they hooked up on the 'Made In Chelsea' Christmas special.

She added in an interview with OK! magazine: "The public has pinned all their hopes on to us, 'I'll have no faith in love if 'Spaggie' doesn't work out!'

"That's overwhelming. They feel they own our personal lives, which is our fault as we're in 'Made In Chelsea', but it's frustrating. It's between us and no-one else."

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