Caggie Dunlop's dad 'not a fan of Spencer'

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  • 11 February 2012
Caggie Dunlop

Caggie Dunlop

Caggie Dunlop's dad isn't "a fan" of her 'Made In Chelsea' co-star and love interest Spencer Matthews after learning the pair slept together

Caggie Dunlop's dad isn't "a fan" of Spencer Matthews after learning the pair slept together.

After the couple told pals they'd spent a night together during the Christmas special of 'Made In Chelsea', the blonde beauty admitted she felt sorry for her parents having to know all about her exploits.

Speaking about the revelation, she said: "My poor parents! My dad did like Spencer, but now he might not be such a fan!"

While the duo are yet to cement their relationship, Caggie explained she is nervous that the hunk could cheat on her because he is a "multiple-woman man".

She added in an interview with OK! magazine: "If you're with someone and you cheat, you don't value the person you're with enough. If someone cheated on me, I'd be like, 'Laters!'

"I'm a one-man woman, but Spencer is a multiple-woman man."

However, Spencer maintains his co-star has "absolutely no need to worry", as he would never be "so stupid" as to throw away their relationship by cheating on her.

He said: "Caggie would have absolutely no need to worry, I'd never cheat on her. I've lusted after her for so long and to throw it away would be stupid.

"If anyone could ever tame me, it would be Caggie."

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