Shona McGarty wishes alter-ego would think

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  • 10 February 2012
Shona McGarty

Shona McGarty

Shona McGarty wishes her feisty 'EastEnders' alter-ego Whitney Dean would "think before she speaks"

Shona McGarty wishes her 'EastEnders' alter-ego would "think before she speaks".

The actress - who plays troubled teen Whitney Dean in the BBC One soap - explained with her character currently caught in a love triangle with Fat Boy (Ricky Norwood) and Tyler Moon (Tony Discipline), she wants to advise her to "slow down" before she hurts anyone.

She said: "I'd tell Whitney to slow down before she speaks and to slow down until she decides what she wants. That's how she ended up with Fat Boy, when it's Tyler she really loves."

Meanwhile, Tony thinks his alter-ego has been dishonourable by making a move on Whitney before telling his mate Fat Boy about his true feelings.

He added in an interview with Inside Soap magazine: "I'd probably tell Tyler off, actually. I think he should have been honest with Fat Boy before he made a move on Whitney - the two of them are good mates, after all."

However, Ricky believes his character should make a run for it and ditch Whitney before she has the chance to break his heart.

He said: "Fat Boy should run! Whitney obviously isn't in love with him, and Fat Boy needs and deserves to be appreciated for who he is."

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