Murder suspect Sally Webster

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  • 8 February 2012
Sally Dynevor

Sally Dynevor

Coronation Street's Sally Webster will become the prime suspect for Frank Foster's murder after she is found standing over the rapist's lifeless body

Coronation Street's Sally Webster will become the prime suspect for Frank Foster's murder.

The factory worker finds herself in the firing line after she is caught standing over the evil businessman's body when he is discovered dead in the Underworld knicker factory.

Although viewers have seen Sally - played by Sally Dynevor - fall for conniving Frank and stick by him as he is wrongfully cleared of raping his former fiance Carla Connor (Alison King), she soon discovers the shocking truth about the man she thought she trusted.

After the unlucky-in-love blonde then discovers the sinister sleaze-ball is intent on ruining Carla's business empire, Frank warns her if she tells anyone the truth she will become his next victim.

He threatens Sally: "If you know what's good for you you'll keep your mouth shut because the last woman who crossed me certainly lived to regret it. Maybe you want some of the same."

With Frank found dead just a matter of weeks later, it gives Sally the perfect motive for wanting to kill him.

A 'Corrie' insider told the Daily Star newspaper: "Does Sally have what it takes to kill? Only time will tell."

While Frank is soon set to meet his maker, actor Andrew Lancel believes his alter-ego is too "cocky" to ever believe it could happen to him.

He recently said: "Erase and eradicate, that is his plan. And he will go about it in the worst possible way. He is enjoying tormenting Carla, he is enjoying turning the screw. His true colours are finally showing through and no one is safe in his scheming head.

"But he doesn't for one moment think his life might be in danger he is too arrogant and too cocky to think that could ever happen to him!"

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