Tom Hardy found Ross gag 'funny as hell'

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  • 7 February 2012
Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy insists he found Jonathan Ross "funny as hell" when he appeared on his chat show, despite previous reports claiming the interview had been somewhat awkward

Tom Hardy insists he found Jonathan Ross "funny as hell" when he appeared on his chat show.

Despite the 'Inception' actor reportedly being upset when the host screened footage of him winning a modelling contest on Channel 4's 'Big Breakfast Show' in 1998, Tom admitted while the incident was "embarrassing", he was only pretending to take offence for the sake of a good "gag".

He told The Sun newspaper: "I heard that someone thinks I was really genuinely upset with Jonathan Ross. Not at all.

"It was funny as hell and embarrassing yes, but I was in on the gag and winding Jonathan up to put him in an awkward seat for a laugh.

"Me and Jonny were messing around. I'm sorry if people got the wrong impression and feel that I was an a**hole."

After the show was filmed, Jonathan took to twitter and admitted Tom had put on a "very convincing" performance of pretending to be annoyed with him.

He tweeted: "He acted p****d off to turn the tables on me. He is a good actor so very convincing. He got me good. (sic)"

Tom's comments come after one audience member described the entire interview as a "squirm-fest".

They said: "Tom really wasn't happy about the footage being shown and said he looked like a total idiot.

"After that moment, the interview was a squirm-fest. Especially when Tom said he couldn't talk about his part in the new Batman film.

"When he walked off, Jonathan turned to the audience and said, 'He is genuinely p***ed off with me.' "

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