The Banana Sessions - Mixtape (3 stars)

The Banana Sessions - Mixtape

Long-awaited debut album from the folksy Edinburgh fivesome

Waiting four years before releasing debut album Mixtape, Edinburgh five-piece The Banana Sessions certainly can't be accused of rushing in to anything. Exhibiting an eclectic combination of styles, Mixtape opens with 'Two Seasons', a well crafted folk number that calls upon both pipes and fiddle to supply the backdrop to one of the records few constants in Roberta Pia's smooth vocal sections.

The outfit's unorthodox approach to selecting subject matter is apparent in the chipper 'Pot Noodle' and 'The Drunken Dormouse' which incorporates a catchy melody and an offbeat rhythm in the record's standout track. 'Whirlpool' introduces a harp in to an already substantial list of instrumentation; it's an uncharacteristically sombre affair that highlights the band's self-confessed transition of styles during the album's years of development. Mixtape is intricate as it is manic and one that is sure to raise eyebrows.

The Banana Sessions - Jukebox

The Banana Sessions

A modern, quirky take on folk from vocalist Roberta Pia and her band.

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