Hollyoaks' Nancy to suspect fiance of cheating

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 February 2012
Jessica Fox

Jessica Fox

Jessica Fox has revealed her 'Hollyoaks' alter ego Nancy Hayton will suspect fiance Darren Osbourne of cheating on her, not realising he is secretly planning their wedding

Hollyoaks' Nancy Hayton becomes convinced her fiance is cheating on her.

The aspiring journalist is worried about Darren Osbourne's suspicious behaviour - not realising he is secretly planning their wedding - and thinks he is sleeping with former girlfriend Cindy Longford (Stephanie Waring) behind her back.

Jessica Fox, who plays Nancy, said: "Nancy has never seen Cindy as a threat but now Darren keeps sneaking around she's getting paranoid he's cheating on her - especially when she catches them in a compromising position.

"Darren of course has plenty of excuses... it's just whether or not Nancy believes them."

Nancy's doubts over Darren - played by Ashley Taylor Dawson - increase when her mother Margaret makes a surprise visit and interferes in their romance.

Jessica added to Inside Soap magazine: "She starts interfering... She doesn't think Darren is good enough for nancy and keeps going on about his gambling and the fact he's bene in prison.

"Then she suggests Darren isn't committed to the relationship because he hasn't married her yet.

"That starts Nancy thinking and her imagination goes into overdrive. She felt confident in her relationship but her mum's making her start to doubt he's the one."

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