Denise Welch: Compulsive flasher

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 2 February 2012
Denise Welch

Denise Welch thinks she has "compulsive-flashing disorder", and has joked that she needs to start a "support group" for women who can't stop baring their breasts

Denise Welch thinks she has "compulsive-flashing disorder".

The 'Loose Women' star - who bared her breasts in the hot tub with Frankie Cocozza in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house - joked that she needs to start a "support group" for other people suffering from the same condition.

She said: "I don't regret it at all. I've always got my boobs out. I have compulsive-flashing disorder. I need to open a support group. We can't help it!

"It's a compulsion. I will never stop getting them out."

However, while the 53-year-old star - who has two sons Matthew, 22, and Louis, 10 - insisted her kids weren't embarrassed by her raunchy antics, she has vowed to get a "boob job" because she believes she "owes it to the public" if she continues to bare all.

She added in an interview with new! magazine: "All I wanted was for my kids not to be embarrassed about other things. They know I get my boobs out.

"I will have a boob job, though, simply because I owe it to the public that they're not round my knees."

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