Exposure: Still Corners

Exposure: Still Corners

Cinematic dream-pop with a Lynchian vibe

The whispery female vocal, the unsettling tone, the shoegazey guitars … There’s a very cinematic, 1990s David Lynch feel to the heavenly dream-pop of London-based Still Corners. The List finds singer Tessa Murray and songwriter Greg Hughes drinking coffee and listening to Kurt Vile when we call …
Greg: ‘I’m also about to post some late Christmas presents home to Arizona [where he’s from]. I’m running kind of late … 2011 was a busy year.’ [They put out debut album Creatures of an Hour, and toured the States and Europe amongst other things.]

How big an influence is cinema on your music?
Greg: ‘Huge, I love Hitchcock, and films like Lantana, or weird, confusing stuff like Mulholland Drive and Blue Velvet. I’d love our music to have that same kind of creepy atmosphere.’
Tessa: ‘We get lots of David Lynch comparisons which have been amazing. I hadn’t actually heard [Twin Peaks singer and Tessa soundalike] Julee Cruise before I started Still Corners. It’s been cool to get compared to her. I love Cocteau Twins too, who we seem to remind people of. I was singing in a choir when we met. It’s really Greg who’s into movies, and I’m slowly developing the same addiction. I’m more of a book person.’

Plans for 2012?
Greg: ‘We’d never join a major label. I wouldn’t like the idea of our stuff being too heavily produced.’
Tessa: ‘Just more of the same. Festivals in the summer, writing the new record, keeping up the movie addiction …’

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Sat 4 Feb.

Still Corners

Haunting alt.pop from this London outfit.

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