Rosie Webster's reality TV future

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  • 31 January 2012
Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan

Rosie Webster will bow out of 'Coronation Street' after being offered a place on a reality TV show, meaning she must call time on her relationship with hunky builder Jason Grimshaw

Rosie Webster will bow out of 'Coronation Street' after being offered a place on a reality TV show.

The brunette bombshell - played by actress Helen Flanagan - will see all her dreams come true when she is handed the opportunity to move from Weatherfield to London to take part in a new series which will see her vie for the attentions of a hunky single guy.

However, with Rosie having to be unattached to take part in the show, it spells the end of her romance with burly builder Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas).

Helen explained: "It isn't a difficult choice at all for her. The only tricky part is breaking the news to him. She does care for Jason, in her own way she probably loves him, but for Rosie career comes first. She's ruthlessly ambitious and this is too big an opportunity for her.

"She reads every celeb may and believes she is perfect for this sort of thing. Rosie knows this will be the end of their relationship but it isn't something that worries her at this point ... she's young and wants to make it as a famous celebrity.

"She feels if she stayed her wings would be clipped forever. In the end Jason lets her go and tells her he loves her and that he understands which is a lovely way for her to leave."

Helen admitted while she was thrilled when 'Corrie' bosses told her they wouldn't be killing off Rosie, she is looking forward to saying goodbye to her alter-ego for the time being.

She told Soaplife magazine: "I loved my exit storyline ... it is perfect for Rosie. And I'm really pleased they didn't kill her off.

"I've played Rosie for more than half my life and I wouldn't change that for the world. But I need to become Helen again."

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