Glasgwegian drag artiste Lady Munter discusses club night Menergy

Glasgwegian drag artiste Lady Munter discusses club night Menergy

'Scotland’s only trans club and gay dance party’

Have you ever been named Attitude’s 66th most influential LGBT role model? Didn’t think so. But Lady Munter has.

The organiser of Glasgow’s Menergy club night was flagged up for praise by the magazine in 2010 for services to drag (on the same page as Mary Portas and Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga’s stylist, no less), and hasn’t looked back since.

‘Our official line is Scotland’s only trans club and gay dance party,’ Munter says of the night, which plays an eclectic mix of house, techno, italo disco and hi-NRG tunes. ‘A lot of the queens involved are very RuPaul’s Drag Race. In Glasgow, there’s no history of drag like there is in London or Manchester so we’ve had to look in the media for inspiration. Some of the looks are a bit more Americanised but everyone is very individual.’

Celebrating its second birthday last November, Menergy has been cementing its rep for guid drag-friendly clubbing despite having a tricky time keeping to one particular venue. The team recently finalised a move to Forbidden gentlemen’s club behind the St Enoch Centre, décor highlights of which include cages, poles and an illuminated runway stretching out into the dance floor.

‘Since doing Menergy, one of the things I have loved is that people have come out of the woodwork who hadn’t done it before,’ says Lady M. ‘We’ve got drag twin sisters (or brothers …) who come to Menergy with their mum. Some of the girls have commented that they had found previously that drag queens didn’t like working together and make things difficult for each other but with Menergy, we all have to work together or nothing will get done.’

Forget watching RuPaul on Sky Plus – try this out in real life instead.

Forbidden, Glasgow, Sat 11 Feb.

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