Five things you might not know about… Tiffany Stevenson

5 things you might not know about Tiffany Stevenson

The actress comedian has tried her hand at everything from Talk Radio to Show Me The Funny

1 Tiffany Stevenson began her career in the entertainment biz as an actress and has appeared onscreen in The Office, took a lead role in gritty indie feature Spinning Candyfloss and popped up in Dizzee Rascal's 'Dirtee Cash' video [see below].

2 Her Edinburgh Fringe debut was in 2006 as part of the cast for Talk Radio, the Eric Bogosian-scripted play and movie which was directed for the festival by Stewart Lee. Since then she has performed solo shows such as Along Came a Spider, Dictators and Cavewoman.

3 We can't be sure whether Stevenson will show us any evidence to back it up, but her 2012 New Year resolution was to learn an instrument to a 'decent standard'. Previously, she had managed to be dead good at 'Wonderwall' on the guitar.

4 Stevenson filled the shoes of an absent Phil Nichol on the Old Rope night which he had started back in 2005. It went so well that the pair have collaborated and extended the themed show in which punters are allowed to remorselessly heckle acts if they hear any of their older material. Glenn Wool used to heckle by singing Guns 'n' Roses songs.

5 Last summer she came third in Show Me the Funny, ITV's largely-derided 'X-Factor for comics' contest which featured stand-ups being given tasks such as finding women called Michelle in a busy high street and bringing together strangers for a Blind Date segment. Incredibly, the producers did manage to squeeze some stand-up into the programme.

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