Double Nugget combines shows Marymassacre and Seven Year Itch

Double Nugget combines shows Marymassacre and Seven Year Itch

Random Accomplice take two duet plays on tour

With hits like Little Johnny’s Big Gay Wedding and last year’s Smalltown, Random Accomplice have proved themselves to be one of Scotland’s best-loved theatre groups. Now, they’ve revived 2008’s Marymassacre and 2009’s Seven Year Itch in a touring double bill called Double Nugget.

Julie Brown, who co-founded Random Accomplice in 2002 with Johnny McKnight, says: ‘The two stories sit really nicely together. They’re both duets, they’re both about underlying issues, and both of the endings have a bit of a twist. That’s something we’ve done with several of our shows. We always have comedy at the heart of things, but alongside that we like to play with darker issues.’

These darker issues range from the true story of a horrific murder told through comedy (Seven Year Itch) and a seemingly light-hearted tale of two psychic-obsessed girls with a terrible secret (Marymassacre). ‘They both still feel really relevant but we’ve completely redesigned them,’ Brown explains. ‘So although at their heart they are very much the same shows, we’re really looking forward to seeing what they’re going to be like in 2012.’

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 14–Sat 18 Feb

Seven Year Itch

Marymassacre Trailer

Double Nugget

Random Accomplice presents two short plays: Mary Massacre, the bittersweet tale of two hopeless women stuck in an endless loop of waiting and wanting, and Seven Year Itch, which is based on the true story of a murdered American office worker, told with a darkly comic twist.

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