Big Brother separated feuding housemates

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  • 27 January 2012
Nicola McLean

Nicola McLean

Evicted Nicola McLean and MC Romeo have revealed the 'Big Brother' housemates were locked into two separate rooms following their explosive row earlier this week

'Big Brother' bosses locked the housemates in two separate rooms following their row this week.

Tensions in the house came to a head when Denise Welch jokingly pulled down Karissa Shannon's pyjama bottoms and evicted contestants Nicola McLean and Romeo have revealed the ensuing bust-up was even more explosive than viewers got to see.

Nicola said: "When it got really bad, Big Brother shouted over the tannoy.

"They intervened and put us in separate rooms to diffuse the situation. It got bad."

Romeo added: "Big Brother stepped in and I got placed in the bedroom with Frankie and Gareth and Denise. The twins, Nicola and Michael were in another room.

"We did our best to calm Denise down. She was crying and hysterical. Then they locked the bedroom so we couldn't get out and the others couldn't get in. It was to calm Denise down and separate us."

During the row, Kristina and Karissa told Frankie they had threatened to report him to the police for sexual harassment - claims which both Nicola and Romeo think were unfair.

Romeo said: "I think that night they were just plucking at reasons to kick off. They had a dislike for him. Any ammo they had on him they threw it up that night. Frankie was just Frankie and he took it on the chin.

"He went to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about it. I think deep down he wasn't worried about being arrested."

Nicola added to the Daily Star newspaper: "He didn't sexually harass anyone. I didn't find him offensive. He behaved exactly like a 19-year-old lad would in a house with Playboy twins and models. I never had a go at him. We got on great."

Frankie is now favourite to be crowned winner of the show tonight (27.01.12), ahead of Gareth Thomas, Denise Welch, Michael Madsen and the twins.

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