The Twilight Sad set for UK tour

The Twilight Sad set for UK tour

Kilsyth trio take third album No One Can Ever Know on tour

With their third album No One Can Ever Know, masters of the dark side anthem The Twilight Sad add impressively to a catalogue that includes one of the finest Scottish debuts of recent years. It’s a bit of a surprise then to discover that the Kilsyth trio still consider themselves very much the outsiders – as evidenced by frontman James Graham’s gratitude to The List for ringing for a chat ahead of the new album’s release and a UK and US tour. ‘It always means a lot when a miserable band like us get any kind of coverage,’ he imparts, only half-jokingly.

‘We’re not on the radio constantly; we’re definitely not on the front of magazines because we’re not exactly the most photogenic bunch,’ he adds. Don’t mistake Graham’s self-deprecating humour for grumbling – the singer admits that he and guitarist/producer Andy MacFarlane and drummer Mark Devine are pleased to be free to please themselves, and concedes that they haven’t always made the wisest moves when it comes to gaining exposure. ‘If you call your first single off your second album ‘I Became a Prostitute’, you’re not looking at good radio play.’

On the new songs, the band have boldly taken licence to swap their trademark guitar-heavy post-rock wall of sound for something trimmer, doomier and more driving – think Neu!’s Motorik beats, Joy Division and early New Order’s unsettling synths and the gothic electro-pop of vintage Depeche Mode. Graham credits The Twilight Sad’s loyal listenership with being open-minded enough to join them in their leap of faith: ‘Our fans are the sort of intelligent people who will hopefully move forward with the band.’

Grand Ole Opry, Glasgow, Thu 9 Feb, 2012

The Twilight Sad - Another Bed

The Twilight Sad, We Were Promised Jetpacks and Holy Mountain

Kilsyth trio taking their former wall-of-sound noise rock in a new, darker synth-laden direction on their current album No One Can Ever Know. With alternarock support from WWPJ and mighty riffola from Holy Mountain.

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