Machinedrum - sXlnd (3 stars)

Machinedrum - sXlnd

Inventive release taking in UK funky, smooth old-school house and sophisticated club tracks


A five-track EP rather than a full-blown album, there’s nonetheless a long player’s worth of sonic invention on the latest from Travis Stewart, running the gamut from UK funky to smooth old-school house with an understated Balearic edge. The opening ‘Take Good Care’ is a dark prologue, an unsettling bed of oscillating electronic waveforms and dimly-heard female vocals, entirely the opposite of an upbeat title track with a glitching vocal and a smooth, summery bounce. ‘Van Vogue’ and ‘DDD’ are sophisticated club tracks built on finger-snapping house grooves and soulful, cut-up hollers, but ‘No Respect’ is the one here, a driving and insistent late night theme whose train-track rhythm bears the aural imprint of early days’ acid house.

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