Django Django - Django Django (4 stars)

Django Django - Django Django

Dense and often surprising debut spitting up bursts of bold, spaced-out texture


Django Django’s debut has a lot of strings to its bow. It benefits from being the result of prolonged and measured tinkering by three Edinburgh art school grads over the space of a couple of years in a London bedroom. These efforts have birthed 13 pieces of music, each with thick and interesting layers all stacked atop each other, their gaze fixed infinitely skyward. There’s 60s-inspired harmonies, coasting through seas of glitches and meandering synths (see ‘Hail Bop’ for example), punchy art-school electro-pop David Byrne would likely be proud of (‘Default’) and more than its fair share of smooth, desert-wandering blues (‘Firewater’, ‘Love’s Dart’). The album is dense and often surprising, each song spitting up bursts of bold, spaced-out texture. A repeater for sure.

Django Django WOR

Django Django - Default

Django Django - Waveforms

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