School of Seven Bells - Ghostory (3 stars)

School of Seven Bells - Ghostory

Third album from New York electro-phantoms, now a duo

(Full Time Hobby)

Ghostory – geddit? It’s the way in which our histories are colonised by ghosts. It’s the way in which persons come to haunt our tales of yore. It’s the third album from New York electro-phantoms SVIIB. At best, it is euphoric – all choral (g)rave-pop (‘The Night’), heavenly electro-rock (‘Lafaye’), 4AD comedowns (‘Love Play’) and eerie 80s-balladry (‘Scavenger’).

This bygone trio is now a duo comprising guitarist/producer Benjamin Curtis and ethereal vocalist Alejandra Deheza, but Ghostory revolves around an illusory third character called Lafaye. Perhaps this is a spirited nod to erstwhile member (and Alejandra’s twin) Claudia, who left last year. Or perhaps it’s just an ace excuse to make a Hi-NRG shoegaze concept album about the wraiths of an imaginary girl.

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