Kristina and Karissa Shannon branded 'toxic twins'

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  • 24 January 2012
Denise Welch

Denise Welch

Celebrity Big Brother's Kristina and Karissa Shannon have been branded "toxic, toxic twins" by the 'Loose Women' panel following their dramatic showdown on last night's (23.01.12) show

Celebrity Big Brother's Kristina and Karissa Shannon have been branded "toxic, toxic twins" by the 'Loose Women' panel.

The 22-year-old Playboy models threatened to quit the Channel 5 reality show after 'Loose Women' star Denise Welch jokingly pulled down Karissa's pyjama bottoms, but now Denise's co-panellists have leapt to her defence, suggesting the sisters are hypocrites because they have made a living out of showing off their bodies.

Jenny Eclair said: "It made my jaw drop. It takes a lot to shock me, but those twins are toxic, toxic twins. It is unfortunate. It's the stress of the show and obviously there was alcohol around.

"The twins are saying they don't drop their pants for anyone - tell that to Hugh Hefner! We've all seen the pictures on the internet."

However, with the argument between the twins, WAG Nicola McLean and Denise having quickly escalated, 'Loose Women' star Jane McDonald admitted she wanted to go into the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house and "drag" out her pal.

Speaking on the ITV1 daytime show today (24.01.12), she said: "I found it really uncomfortable because she's our mate and that's not the real Denise that we know and love. We know her as our Denzy. We just want to go in there and drag her out."

Meanwhile, Carol McGiffin compared the dramatic scenes to Bedlam.

She said: "There was an official meltdown amongst the female members of the house and all the women turned into raging cats like they were fighting in an alley. I don't know if anyone knows about Bedlam from the Victorian times, but it was where people used to go and watch mad people for entertainment.

"I felt like I was watching Bedlam last night! The thing is, it is compulsive viewing and you can't stop watching it. It's cracking TV, but unfortunately one of our great friends, Denise, is right in the middle of it all."

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