Pulp - It/Freaks/Separations (3 stars)

Pulp - It/Freaks/Separations

Reissue of first three albums from 1980s originally released on Fire


Testament to the 80s’capacity to incubate provincial bands until they’re ready for megastardom, Pulp’s first three albums on Fire were a career’s worth in themselves, although hardly anyone remembers. Containing, as all three of these reissues do, some bonus tracks and outtakes, 1983’s It reveals itself to be a fey but wryly-worded take on Scott Walker most at odds with its time, while the dark and esoteric Freaks boasts unhinged garage rocker ‘Masters of the Universe’ and the creepy croon of ‘They Suffocate at Night’. Meanwhile, 1992’s Separations, released three years after it was recorded and the only one to feature the full classic line-up, is embryonic prime-era Pulp on its first side and a subsequently underdeveloped blend of house and synth-pop on the second, including the unheralded classic ‘My Legendary Girlfriend’.

PULP - Master Of The Universe

They Suffocate At Night by Pulp (1986)

My Legendary Girlfriend by Pulp (1991)

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