Freya Mavor: Skins storylines were hard to deal with

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 January 2012
The cast of Skins 2012

The cast of Skins 2012

Freya Mavor found it "hard" to deal with some of the storylines in the sixth series of 'Skins' because she had grown so attached to her character

Freya Mavor found it "hard" to deal with some of the storylines in the sixth series of 'Skins'.

The 18-year-old star - who plays Mini McGuinness in the E4 teen drama - was "quite scared" when she read some of the plot lines because she has grown so attached to her no-nonsense alter-ego after playing her for two years.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "When the producers did tell us some of the stuff that happens to Mini in this series it was quite hard to come to terms with.

"Just because we've become so attached the characters that you read what is going to happen and you are like, 'Oh, Oh I can't believe that. Oh that's horrible.' It's quite scary."

Freya found the hard-hitting series - which is set to push the boundaries "much more" than season five - "very emotional" to film, as it saw her in tears on a number of occasions.

She added: "I cry a lot in this series. Even when it's not scripted but when there's a very emotional scene sometimes I just get caught up in the moment and it all comes out. I'm really nervous about watching certain scenes where we fully let go and look ridiculous."

'Skins' tradition sees the main characters film the show for two series, while their alter-egos are in college, before leaving and Laya Lewis - who portrays Olivia 'Liv' Malone in the show - admitted it was tough to say goodbye to her character.

She said: "Leaving my character behind was like losing a best friend."

The sixth series of 'Skins' - which also stars Dakota Blue Richards (Franky), Sean Teale (Nick) and Alexander Arnold (Rich) - made its debut on E4 last night (23.01.12).