Courtney Taylor-Taylor & Jim Rugg - One Model Nation (2 stars)

Courtney Taylor-Taylor & Jim Rugg - One Model Nation

Unsuccessful comic book crossover attempt from the Dandy Warhols frontman

(Titan Books)

It’s always interesting when someone turns their hand from one artform to another. However, One Model Nation is proof that the results aren’t always as interesting as the concept. The idea of a comic from Dandy Warhols’ frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor is intriguing but the end product lacks the zest and lyrical humour that makes their music so engaging.

One Model Nation is a fictitious band roughly based on Kraftwerk (with a dash of Faust and Laibach thrown in for good measure) whose history becomes intertwined with the Baader-Meinhof gang in 70s Germany. It’s a time of political unrest with shoot-outs, riots and explosions, and while we witness these events unfold, Taylor-Taylor’s story fails to provide any context.

The dialogue is lifeless with most of the characters feeling utterly interchangeable. Jim Rugg’s art is serviceable if a little drab but there’s a cool David Bowie cameo (drawn by guest artist Mike Allred). It’s a real shame as a lot of love obviously went into this project (as evidenced by the 20-odd pages of notes, sketches and extras at the back) but Taylor-Taylor we urge you, please stick to the day job.

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