Eat, sleep and breathe: Melanie C

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  • 27 January 2012
Eat, sleep and breathe: Melanie C

Former Spice Girl on green tea, lemon, ginger and missing spicy food

Eat, sleep and breathe
Melanie C

What time is breakfast?
8am or thereabouts.

Tea or coffee?
Green tea.

Smoking or non-smoking?

Sweet or savoury snacks?

What food do you miss when you tour?
Spicy food – I tend to avoid anything spicy when I’m singing.

Who’s the best cook you know?
My mum.

What’s on your rider?
I’m not that demanding (or rock ‘n’ roll!) Honey, lemon and ginger and water. Plus a nice bottle of red for after a show.

Which country/ city has the best food?
There’s no place like home! We have fantastic restaurants all over the UK.

Do you eat out a lot?
It varies depending on work. I enjoy taking my daughter out for lunch, she’s good company.

Do you drink onstage?
Only water!

Melanie C plays O2 ABC, Glasgow, Mon 27 Feb. See for info. Her new album, The Sea, is out now.

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