The Ting Tings - Sounds From Nowheresville (3 stars)

The Ting Tings - Sounds From Nowheresville

Second album a mixed bag containing glimpses of what makes them fun


Pity the poor Ting Tings. After selling millions of records, the Mancunian electro-pop duo got stressed, scrapped a whole album and hid from their record label. Allegedly. You can see why the pair might worry about following We Started Nothing, an album whose chief appeal was its rawness and naïve sass, two things hard to replicate for million-selling propositions.

In the end this is a mixed bag, with a handful of tracks delivering the requisite shouty groove, notably lead single ‘Hang It Up’ and the route-one rocker ‘Give It Back’. But there are also some terrible turkeys, from the wonky punk-rap of ‘Guggenheim’ to dreary R&B ballad ‘Day To Day’. Glimpses of what made them fun, but not enough of them.

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