Lindstrom - Six Cups of Rebel (4 stars)

Lindstrom - Six Cups of Rebel

A blast taking in slamming synth boogie to shameless pomp metal

(Smalltown Supersound)

Like a cosmic disco Ulysses, Lindstrom has felt his way through space, to traverse the Balearic and land upon the wild party island of Six Cups of Rebel. This isle is full of noises, from slamming synth boogie to shameless pomp metal. Organ fanfare ‘No Release’ joins the dots between Deep Purple and Terry Riley to provide a tension building appetiser for disco belter ‘Deja Vu’, a glorious concoction of grinding bass, P-funk keyboards, phased samba drums and Chicago house diva hysterics, which delivers on the promise of his 2009 Boredoms remix [listen below]. Further insanity ensues as our hero combines jaunty prog with ‘80s funk in ‘Magik’, and crunching rawk guitar with eerie Detroit techno in ‘A Quiet Place To Live’. A blast.

Lindstrom - De Javu

Lindstrom - Boredoms remix

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