Lambchop - Mr M (4 stars)

Lambchop - Mr M

Reassembled band present lovely low-key set recalling Sinatra, Bacharach and crooners

(City Slang)

Having taken a break from the long-lasting outfit (to collaborate with singer Cortney Tidwell on 2010’s KORT project), Lambchop founder and frontman Kurt Wagner has reassembled the Nashville-based band to make its 11th album.

Wagner has intimated this may be Lambchop’s last outing (‘I felt Lambchop had one more good record in us’) and if Mr M turns out to be the band’s swansong then it’ll be an appropriately poignant one, produced as it was in the aftermath of the premature death of friend and mentor Vic Chesnut. It’s a lovely low-key set of songs (that deal with losing loved ones and moving on) that’s lifted by lush string arrangements reminiscent of Sinatra, Bacharach and the old time crooners.


Lambchop and Cortney Tidwell

Nashville-based alt country/indie group with a cast of thousands, marshalled by the enigmatic Kurt Wagner. Supported by a singer/songwriter with deep Nashville roots.

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